Welcome to Seal A Fridge

Call now for a free no obligation quote to make a booking for new seals to be fitted to your fridge or freezer.

All Prices Include:

  • Onsite Consultation from Seal A Fridge Technician
  • Supply and Installation of the new seal
  • GST and a 12 Month Domestic or 90 Day Commercial Warranty (unless otherwise stated)

Where possible we will phone you to confirm our appointment the day before, and the technician will confirm the quote before starting work.

The technician will adjust door hinges and check the fridge drain is clear when nessesary and also carry spare light bulbs & butter conditioner doors for some makes and models

Free Phone 0800 36 77 99 For Your Local Office

Enjoy The Benefits of New Seals

  1. You will save $$$'s on your power bill each month.
  2. The fridge will chill food down to the correct temperature i.e. 0 to 4 degrees Celsius which will slow bacteria growth to a minimum thus food will last longer in the fridge. Unless the kids find it first. (savings on food bills)
  3. Your fridge will last longer. Because it’s not running as hard to beat the warm air that was getting in.
  4. You will not have to clean out your fridge of water/ice.(Saving You Time)
  5. New seals are clean and hygienic and look great!